Address: Goriano Sicoli


Built during the reign of Umberto I, under the administration of Mayor Giovanni Paolucci, it was inaugurated on October 28, 1888.  This we know by the two commemorative inscriptions on the facade, engraved on marble slabs, with two dolphins resting on seaweed and supporting a medieval shield.  On either side of the shield are the coat of arms of the Paolucci family and the municipal coat of arms.
On the facade there are also ledges into which the water flows from the mouths of four leonine cast iron masks. The fountain, which has a symmetrical C shape, has two large arcades to the sides in carved, white stone.  Each one consists of a row of four bays of arches flanked by two rectangular tanks that served for both washing and as a drinking trough.  In front of the arcades is a third semicircular basin with a high jet in the middle.