Address: Piazza della Repubblica, Goriano Sicoli


The fountain was originally located near the Town Hall. It is in an isolated position on the road and has five sides, articulated along a straight line, three of which are highlighted by projecting sections. The stone fountain has a plinth that runs around the tank while the upper section has a panelled surface with a protruding edge. Above the three bases of the alternating facades, in line with the pilasters, are the same number of holes to rest the water containers.
Within the three frames are located many zoomorphic masks in relief depicting lions’ heads.
The fountain is crowned with three iron rods, converging at the top in the centre, and culminating with a circle, of the same material, arranged vertically.
The back of the fountain is flat and there is a semicircular step at the same height as the plinth on the front. At the centre of the wall, under a square opening, there is an attractive spout and suspended bowl in cast iron produced by an artistic foundry in Graz in 1886.