Address: Via della Corte, Goriano Sicoli


Built on the ruins of the castle of the Counts of Celano, it has been restored several times over the centuries. The façade is horizontally crowned and has a Renaissance portal from 1553 and a simple moulded rosette window with twelve columns resting on a central quatrefoil ring.  On the capitals are twelve semi-circular arches.
On the portal is a relief of the Eternal Father.  Above it is the clock and on the spur is a kind of rostrum with a leonine head from the remains of the castle. The façade is flanked by a bell that once formed part of the castle tower.
Internally the church has the form of a Latin cross with three aisles.  In the right aisle, near the entrance, there is a polychrome arte abruzzese wooden crucifix dating from the 15th century.   The medallions on the ends of the arms of the cross represent the Supreme Being, Our Lady of Sorrows, St. John and - at the bottom - a deteriorated image of San Gioacchino. Inside are also some fonts from the 16th century and there is a silver reliquary in the sacristy from the 14th century.